How to Sleep After Breast Augmentation Surgery

By July 14, 2021 Blog

If you are thinking about having breast augmentation surgery, you may be worried about how to sleep after surgery. This is a very normal concern to have, but the board-certified team of experts at Arkansas Plastic Surgery in Little Rock are here to ease your mind with some helpful tips on how to sleep comfortably and cautiously after your breast augmentation procedure.

Why Sleep After Breast Augmentation is Important

Like after all surgeries, sleep is essential to a healthy immune system and can help speed up the recovery process. After your breast augmentation, you may feel fatigued, this is because your body has to work hard to heal. However, when you are sleeping, the body is still and can dedicate more blood flow to the injured muscles and tissues, delivering oxygen and nutrients to promote healing.

Tips for How to Sleep Comfortably After Breast Implant Surgery

The first night after the surgery will be the toughest. Be sure you have someone to give you pain medication at regular 4-hour intervals for the first 24 hours so you always stay ahead of the pain.

Sleep Schedule:

  • At first, it is best to sleep a little propped up either in a recliner or with extra pillows on the bed.
  • After a few days, you are able to lay down flat.
  • You will need to sleep on your back for 2-3 weeks.
  • By 3 weeks, you can sleep on your sides.
  • Wait 4-6 weeks before sleeping on your stomach.
  • Your surgeon will likely encourage a supportive bra to be worn even during sleep for 4-6 weeks.

Prepare Early If You Are a Side Sleeper

Sleeping on your back may seem difficult if you normally sleep on your side or in a different position. To prepare for surgery and the recovery process, it is a good idea to start training yourself to sleep on your back before your actual surgery date. If you catch yourself on your side or stomach, always roll to your back.

Use Pillows

You can use positioning pillows to help you keep your body positioned correctly. Many people successfully sleep on their back by placing a pillow under each arm. Using a special pillow to hold your head in place can help prevent you from rolling to one side. You may also want to keep a pillow under your knees to help maintain proper alignment of your back, and this can also help those who experience low back pain.

Elevate Your Upper Body During Your Recovery

Elevating your upper body by 30 to 40 degrees while you sleep offers even better healing benefits. Gravity is a significant factor when it comes to fluid buildup and swelling, but with your head and neck elevated (with pillows) for the first two weeks during recovery, you can minimize chest swelling.

Avoid Sleep Disruptors

While you may feel that things like caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and electronic screens help relieve stress and anxiety, they can do more harm than good. These are known sleep disruptors and should be avoided during the breast implant recovery period to help you maintain a healthy sleep schedule.

Walk Regularly During the Day

Walking around throughout the day helps with circulation and reduces the risk of developing blood clots. It also helps keep you from getting stiff and achy from too much immobility.

Take Warm Showers

Taking a warm shower (not a bath) in the evening is a proven technique for relaxation and getting to sleep faster.

Wear a Supportive Bra While Sleeping

Wearing a supportive bra when you sleep will help hold your breasts in place, ease tension on your incisions, reduce swelling, and enhance your recovery overall.

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