Is Breast Reduction Right For You?

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If you feel you have overly large breasts, you may have thought about breast reduction surgery but are unsure. At Arkansas Plastic Surgery, our board-certified team of experts is here to help! Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty, changes the size, weight, and shape of the breast tissue, fat, and skin. Patients who have undergone a breast reduction procedure often experience improved emotional well-being, a decrease in physical discomfort, and lower feelings of self-consciousness.

Why Get Breast Reduction Surgery?

Most women choose breast reduction surgery because they are dissatisfied with how their breasts interfere with their daily life. Not only does having disproportionately large breasts often make it difficult to find well-fitting bras and clothes, but their heaviness can also negatively impact the rest of the body.

Having overly large breasts can cause issues such as:

  • Posture problems & chronic pain: Larger breasts have a tendency to pull the shoulders down and hunch the back, leading to poor posture, and persistent pain in the neck, shoulder, and back.
  • Bra strap indentations on the shoulders: If your breasts are extremely large, your bra may not fully support them, even if you’ve been fitted with the correct size bra. This can cause your straps to leave deep shoulder grooves that may not disappear once you take your bra off.
  • Skin irritation around or between the breasts: Bigger breasts often rub against the skin on your abdomen, causing friction, moisture, and heat. This creates the perfect environment for rashes to form beneath them.
  • Difficulty or pain when participating in physical activities: Exercise is an important part of staying healthy, but with large breasts, working out can be a challenge or even painful. The weight of the excess tissue in larger breasts can constrict the natural movement of the diaphragm causing shortness of breath, which can be a contributing factor to limited physical activity.

Just like any other procedure, the decision to undergo surgery can involve many factors. While it is always best to speak to a knowledgeable doctor, you may be a good candidate for breast reduction surgery if you:

  • Are physically healthy
  • Don’t smoke
  • Have reasonable expectations
  • Feel your breasts are too large
  • Feel your participation in physical activity is limited due to breast size
  • Your weight is stable

Breast reduction surgery is typically considered a cosmetic procedure, but some insurance companies cover some or all of the costs if it is being done to relieve back pain, skin problems, or other medical problems caused by large or heavy breasts. Contact your insurance company to find out about your coverage.

Little Rock Breast Reduction Surgeons

A consultation with an experienced breast reduction surgeon at Arkansas Plastic Surgery in Little Rock can further help you determine if this procedure is right for you. For over 20 years, our team has performed countless successful breast reduction surgeries. Let us help provide you with expert guidance and outstanding results — contact us to get started!

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