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Skin Tightening/ TempSure

Over time the skin on your body and face can change in ways that are not always desirable due to factors such as weight loss, stress and age, among others. Loose or saggy skin can be a result of drastic weight loss and generally cannot be eliminated through exercise alone. Likewise, age and stress can cause laxity of the face and neck, but there is very little that you can do naturally to reduce the telltale signs of aging. It may seem like trying to return your skin to its more youthful look is a futile endeavor, but we believe otherwise. Restoring a more youthful appearance is possible with the right treatments! Arkansas Plastic Surgery in Little Rock offers treatments that can improve loose skin and wrinkles.

Our new skin tightening treatments, TEMPSURE ENVI, for the face, and TEMPSURE FIRM, for the body, are non-invasive procedures with no downtime. Not only are they non-invasive, but they are also comfortable and even relaxing with very positive results. Schedule a consultation with our experienced cosmetic surgeons — contact us today!

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TempSure Envi is a gentle procedure that utilizes radiofrequency energy to enhance collagen formation which minimizes facial fine lines and wrinkles while also tightening your skin. Unlike Laser treatments, all skin types and levels of sun exposure can be treated with TempSure Envi, so anyone can incorporate this pain-free treatment into their beauty regimen. It is a simple way of maintaining beautiful, youthful, tight skin without painful injections or extreme surgeries.



TempSure Envi

During your 45-minute treatment sessions, you will experience a warming sensation in the areas on which you are focusing. Because the treatment is gentle and efficient, you can even have it done during your lunch break without any adverse side effects. There may be redness immediately following the treatment, but it will subside fairly quickly so you can return to regular activities that same day. The treatments last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the number of areas treated. To get optimal results, the procedures should be spaced out every four weeks.

After the treatment, your skin will feel tighter and have a natural glow to it. Additionally, the collagen will continue to rebuild over time which will naturally enhance your skin’s appearance. We recommend a series of treatments, but the exact number is based on your individual needs for which we will develop a customized plan. The final results will not be evident until after your last treatment, but gradual improvement should be apparent three to four weeks after each session.

TempSure Firm

TempSure Firm uses the same technology as Envi, but it has larger applicators which allow us to treat larger areas like the tummy, arms, thighs, and knees. As the skin in these areas is thicker, it may require three to six treatments compared to the face which usually requires three. Multiple areas can be treated in the same setting. As with Envi, the treatments are every four weeks. Firm may also be used in conjunction with liposuction or CoolSculpting to treat skin laxity after fat removal. When combining with CoolSculpting, we alternate the TempSure and CoolSculpt every two weeks.

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Whether you are wanting to get rid of wrinkles or tighten loose skin, our skilled plastic surgeons can help! Dr. David Bauer and Dr. Zachary Young are board certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgery and are very skilled and experienced surgeons. They have extensive training and experience performing various cosmetic procedures and can help you reach your goals — contact us today to schedule a consultation!


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