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Under Eye Fillers

A tear trough deformity occurs when the junction between the cheek and the lower eyelid is not smooth. The lower eyelid can act as an awning that casts a shadow on the skin below. This results in a dark appearance of the lower eyelid and a perceived deeper groove at the lid/cheek junction. This condition is associated with facial aging; however, tear trough fillers are a great solution for restoring a well-rested and more youthful appearance.

At Arkansas Plastic Surgery in Little Rock, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Young is well versed in tear trough filler injections. While this area is one of the tougher areas to address correctly due to the very thin nature of the lower eyelid skin and the vessels that run superficially in the lower eye, you can trust our highly experienced team.

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A tear trough filler is an injectable treatment that’s used under the eyes to add volume beneath the eyelids. By adding precise amounts of filler, the tear trough deformity can be made smooth so that the contour is improved and thus the appearance of the lower eyelid. Not all filler is appropriate for this location due to the thin nature of the skin, and only a skilled and precise injector should perform this procedure.

You may be a good candidate for tear trough fillers if you:

  • Have mild to moderate grooves/hollowness under the eyes
  • Have unwanted dark circles under the eyes
  • Have healthy skin
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Understand the treatment is temporary
  • Are physically healthy




We will begin with a consultation to determine whether your perceptions and desires can be adequately treated by tear trough filler. Some patients are better suited to other forms of periorbital rejuvenation, and that is something that Dr. Young will walk you through when he performs his exam.

To prepare for the treatment, we recommend:

  • Avoiding NSAID medications (Aspirin, Motrin, Aleve, etc) for 1 week prior
  • Taking Arnica 5-7 days prior to planned treatment if not otherwise contraindicated; this will help minimize bruising and swelling

The procedure is done in our comfortable office in Little Rock. The injections are performed with very small needles and, for most patients, are imperceptible or at most barely noticeable! Tear trough filler is initially placed in a small area that has been anesthetized. The filler has a numbing agent in it, and therefore, is very well tolerated. A series of several very small injections are required to ensure a smooth contour and precise placement to correct the deformity. The procedure takes between 20-50 minutes due to the meticulous nature of the procedure.

Due to the thin nature of the eyelid skin, this is a treatment that does take careful attention to detail. Contour irregularities can occur which is why it is so important to only have a very experienced tear trough injector perform these injections. Several small arteries run in the area of tear trough injections and vision problems including blindness have been described in the literature, and often linked to injections by improperly trained individuals.

Tear trough filler is typically performed using Hyaluronic acid, which is a biocompatible/biodegradable filler, and the same material that is naturally found between cells in the body.

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What to Expect After Your Procedure

Swelling and bruising may occur to varying degrees. Most swelling is gone within 24 hours, bruising may persist for a few days but is typically easily concealable with makeup. Sleeping with your head elevated and using ice compresses will help after the procedure to minimize bruising and swelling.

Results last between 9-15 months depending on the filler used, and the patient’s metabolic response to the filler.


Tear trough filler is a way to dramatically improve the youthful appearance of the face in the outpatient setting with minimal downtime. However, due to the location and detail required to perform the injections, you should only have this area injected by an injector who is well trained and experienced with this particular injection.

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We are here to help!



We are here to help!