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What Liposuction Can and Can’t Do

By June 19, 2020Blog
markings on body for liposuction procedure

Liposuction is one of the many body contouring procedures we perform at Arkansas Plastic Surgery. Although liposuction is considered a fat removal surgery, it is not a weight-loss procedure by any means. Good candidates for fat removal surgery are people whose weight is relatively stable and who do not have a lot of loose skin.

Lipo is not for everyone, but if you are considering this procedure, having realistic expectations is key. A consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon is important to discuss your goals and ensure liposuction is right for you. Here is what liposuction can and can’t do:

What Liposuction Can Do

Remove fat – Liposuction tackles the bulges of fat that regular diet and exercise can’t address.

Make you feel more confident in your appearance – Lipo can improve your shape, for example by eliminating your muffin top or love handles. It can make your clothes fit better and more comfortably.

Reshape common problem areas of the body – Thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, waist, upper arms, back, chest area, neck, etc.

What Liposuction Can’t Do

Remove cellulite – Cellulite is related to fat but is caused by attachments between the skin and underlying muscles. These attachments are not affected by liposuction.

Be used as a weight-loss procedure – Although you may lose a small amount of weight after the fat and fat cells are removed, lipo does not significantly change your overall weight.

Make you gain more weight in other areas – Once fat cells are removed from an area, you don’t gain weight the same way in that area as you do in others; however, fat is not forced to go to other areas, you simply just cannot gain as you used to in those treated areas.

Treat stretch marks – Stretch marks are scars from rapid stretch. Once fat is removed, the scarred skin may not be able to tighten up to have the desired results.

Show immediate results – It may take 6-10 weeks for results to become evident due to swelling. Wearing a compression garment (provided at surgery) can minimize bruising and decrease swelling.

Little Rock Liposuction Plastic Surgeon

For over 20 years, the plastic surgeons at Arkansas Plastic Surgery have performed countless liposuction procedures and helped Little Rock patients love the way they look! Our experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons can help you too by providing expert guidance and outstanding results.

Contact Arkansas Plastic Surgery in Little Rock for a consultation to begin discussing your liposuction goals!

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