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Breast Augmentation Surgeons: Choosing the Right One

By May 23, 2014August 29th, 2019Blog

Although breast augmentation involves many choices, none is more important than selecting an experienced breast augmentation surgeon you can trust. A doctor’s board certification and his experience in augmentation of the breasts are certainly two of the best indicators of his training and expertise.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) is the only board certified by the American Board of Medical Specialists which certifies your family doctor, OB-GYN, general surgeon, etc. To be ABPS board certified, a surgeon must meet these rigorous standards:

• Graduate from an accredited medical school.

• Complete at least 5 years of surgical training following medical school with at least 2 years of plastic surgery residency.

• Pass comprehensive oral and written exams.

Be sure to ask your prospective surgeon if he has hospital privileges to perform breast augmentation and, if so, at which hospital.

At Arkansas Plastic Surgery, we have extensive training and experience in breast augmentation; we are board certified by the ABPS; and we have privileges to perform breast augmentation at Baptist Health Medical Center and the Surgical Pavilion in Little Rock, AR.

Remember, when choosing a surgeon for any type of procedure, do your homework and find a surgeon that is well trained and that you are comfortable with.

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